Worship:  Sundays at 11:00am

Grace Avenue United Methodist Church Worship Center

3521 Main Street | Frisco, Texas 75034

What is Threshold?

Threshold News & Events

Threshold: Open Table

Location: The British Lion Pub 
5454 Main St.  | Frisco, TX

Join us for a round of drinks and the opportunity to have an open conversation about how God is and is not at work in the world. Contact Marcus Womack at marcus@graceavenue.org with questions.  

Upcoming Open Table Dates/Discussions:
Thursday February 2
8:00-9:30pm Open Table at the British Lion Pub
Join us for an open discussion about the Christian “Culture Wars” in America. In our world, sometimes it seems like it’s Christians vs. everyone else, Christians vs. other Christians, Liberals vs. Conservatives….so much debating on who should be the biggest voice of influence in culture, politics, etc. Should there be winners and losers with issues of morality? Should some ideas be favored over others? Does any of it matter if we don’t love our neighbors? Bring your thoughts, questions, and experiences for our time together.

Special 3-Week Open Table Discussion about "The Will of God"
Thursdays March 23, 30, and April 6
8-9:30pm Open Table at the British Lion Pub
Over the course of 3 weeks we will dive into the many ways we understand “The Will of God.” With such a pressing faith matter, we want to have plenty of time each week to explore the nuances of how God is or isn’t moving in our lives and world. These conversations will flow in conjunction with our Lent worship series. Bring your thoughts, questions, and experiences for our time together.

“The thresholds of our lives serve as places to choose, to discern, to sort out what we consider important and where we feel called to go…A threshold can become a holy place of new beginnings as we tend it, wait within it, and discern the path beyond."  Jan Richardson

Threshold is more than a worship service...
Threshold begins with worship on Sunday mornings at 11:00am at Grace Avenue United Methodist Church.  During worship we explore the questions of life through scripture, prayer, music, art, liturgy and story. 

Worship is vital to Threshold, but there is so much more.  Threshold is a community, and as a community we are committed to engaging each other in exploring our faith in new and deeper ways.  We may disagree.  We probably will.  That is part of the journey and a definitive part of what Threshold is meant to be.  

Threshold is also committed to reaching beyond the walls of the church...into the local community and beyond.  We work to serve others and to actively bring justice into an unjust world.  

​Join us on a Sunday morning, or contact us with your questions!